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Discover ARI Drones

Pioneering Survey Drones for Cutting-Edge Innovation Survey Drones A survey drone refers to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone specifically designed for conducting surveys, inspections, or assessments across various industries. These drones are equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and other specialized technology to capture high-resolution images, collect data, and perform precise measurements. At the …

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Cadmatic Seminar

We attended the CADMATIC seminar. In the seminar where the innovations in the latest version of CADMATIC software was conveyed, presentations were made in two different areas, namely HULL and OUTFITTING. A comprehensive presentation was made about eSHARE, one of the latest information management and visualization tools of CADMATIC software, within the scope of the …

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Rhinoceros Workshop

GEMİSEM Rhinoceros ile Yat/Gemi Tasarımı Eğitimi İçeriği ve Detaylı Bilgileri (2022) Rhinoceros 3D, özellikle mühendislik ve sanayi alanları için 3 boyutlu modelleme için tasarlanmış yazılımdır. Rhinoceros’ta modellemede mesh modelleme yerine NURBS modelleme kullanıldığı için, 3 boyutlu prototipleme için uygundur. Rhinoceros, özgün bir modelleme programı olup, endüstri tasarımı, mimarlık, deniz araçları tasarımı, takı tasarımı, otomotiv tasarımı, CAD/CAM, seri üretim, tersine mühendislik …

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Ships will load with Turkish software

Being assertive in worldwide arena with the newly developed ‘Ship Loading Software’, DNA Marin can design any type of marine vehicle and offer advanced engineering solutions. Article: SOYHAN ALPASLAN DNA Marin, located in the Technopark Istanbul Cube Incubation Center; offers advanced design and advanced engineering solutions for different types of marine vehicles. With the newly …

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Jack-Up Barge

Contract Signed for the Largest Jack-Up Barge Designed in Turkey. Designed by Poseidon, engineering works by DNA Marin Co. At the end of the project carried out in cooperation with Turkey, a contract was signed with a foreign company for the largest jack-up barge ever designed in Turkey. For Details

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