About Us

“DNA Marin” is a ship design and consultancy company, established by Dedicated Naval Architects in 2022, willing to lead design, engineering and software solutions in an international environment for engineering excellence. With combining of experience and skills, “DNA Marin” transforms ideas into realistic designs.

Each client valuable in the DNA

DNA Marin provides advanced ship designs and high quality engineering solutions by combining experience with solid client cooperation. From concept to detailed design, DNA Marin cares about client satisfaction first.

Our expertise covers fit-for-purpose designs in all ship types. Every client and every project is special and is what DNA MARIN loves the most.

Trust is the important key point in our relationships. After a satisfied client and a successful project, the pleasure we receive in this sector is gradually increasing.

Making the hidden desire in your DNA come true

DNA Marin aims to create spectacular, functional and unique designs to meet each client’s needs and to build a global reputation for innovative solutions to turn your wishes into reality.

Our philosophy is to create innovative designs that are both functional and unique. We believe creative design stages rests upon three pillars: client satisfaction, our dedicated engineers and experience.

We know how big the industry we are in, and we believe that our best advertisement is the quality of services that we do to reach better positions in this sector.


Our core value is C.A.R.E.

Caring: We care for each other, our customers, and the maritime world.

Accountable: We say what we do and do what we say. We passionately hold ourselves accountable to deliver on our commitments.

Reliable: We strive to build trust and confidence through integrity and consistency. We follow our documented code of ethics.

Entrepreneurial: We have an entrepreneurial mindset in everything we do. We embrace change and deliver innovative and fit for purpose solutions.


The DNA’s mission is to offer full-range quality engineering services with maximum client satisfaction and competitive prices under strict deadlines.

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