Recognized as one of the most expensive, posh and exclusive luxury purchases and resources, especially for a superyacht is a symbol of prosperity and supremacy. When designing the interior of a luxury yacht, each of interior designers spread their own style and a unique design with one main goal: to preserve a perfect balance among efficiency, sophistication, and elegance. Whether it is a super yachts interior or crew accommodation for a tugboat, “DNA Marin” creates practical, luxurious and elegant solutions to ensure a comfortable live on board.

A vessels interior will have great influence on the level of comfort experienced by the crew. The often limited spaces available require maximum creativity and ingenuity from our interior designers in order to deliver aesthetic and practical developed accommodation areas. Besides aesthetics and comfort the interior needs to meet the highest safety standards according to the latest safety regulations.
At the extreme points where it is needed, we are working with best interior designers on the market together. We combine our exterior with interior designs together and present visuals to our customers.

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