The first stage of the design process is a concept/preliminary design in short time spans. In this dynamic phase we support our clients with translating their thoughts and ideas in to a realistic Concept Design fit for its purpose. Concept design of a ship  is a set of calculations with an accurate estimation of weights, building costs and performance that describes the necessary requirements for construction.

“DNA Marin” develops a understanding of client’s needs and combines knowledge of the latest rules and shipbuilding practices to generate perfect solutions through needs. The functional specification needs to be translated into a realistic feasible concept. At the end of the feasibility phase, the customer can further discuss with other parties involved and decide whether to move further with the development of the project.

Scope of Concept Design:

  • Reception of Product Functional / Technical Specification, and Product Concept proposal.
  • Analysis of requirements which enables us to identify the best solution to fulfil them through purpose of ship.
  • Determination of the main dimensions in accordance with the rules with local restrictions with combination of client requirements.
  • Determination of materials and equipments.
  • Determination of the basic features and ship concept design .
  • Preliminary technical calculations/reports.
  • Determination of the required propulsion system by CFD calculations.
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