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New Ship Loading Software: SLM

We proudly present our new ship loading software, “SHIP LOAD MATE” v.1. and is now ready for use!
“Ship Load Mate” software (SLM) is a project developed by #DNAMarin at #Teknoparkİstanbul with the invaluable support of #TÜBİTAK. SLM is a sophisticated Microsoft Windows-based software designed to simulate the stability and longitudinal strength of vessels. With its user-friendly interface, SLM simplifies ship loading operations, enhancing efficiency and safety in maritime activities…
We extend our deepest gratitude to #Teknoparkİstanbul#Cubeincubation team and #TÜBİTAK for their unwavering support throughout this journey.

Smart And Reliable Assistant For Safe Loading! For more information, please contact us.

Yeni gemi yükleme yazılımımız “SHIP LOAD MATE” v.1’i gururla sunuyoruz. “Ship Load Mate” artık kullanıma hazır!
“Ship Load Mate” yazılımı (SLM), #DNAMARIN tarafından #Teknoparkİstanbul da TÜBİTAK’ın kıymetli desteğiyle geliştirilen bir projedir. SLM, Microsoft Windows tabanlı sofistike bir yazılım olup, gemilerin stabilitesini ve boyuna mukavemetini simule etmek üzere tasarlanmıştır. SLM kullanıcı dostu arayüzü ile gemi yükleme operasyonlarını basitleştimektedir. SLM, gemi yükleme işlemlerini kolaylaştırırken denizcilik faaliyetlerinde verimliliği ve güvenliği de arttırıyor…
Bu yolculuk boyunca bizlere desteklerini esirgemeyen #Teknoparkİstanbul#Cubeincubation ve #TÜBİTAK‘a en derin teşekkürlerimizi sunarız.

Güvenli Yükleme İçin Akıllı ve Güvenilir Asistan! Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen bize ulaşın.

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Welcome to Ship Load Mate

Optimize Your Maritime Operations with Our Ship Loading Software “SHIP LOAD MATE”.

Smart And Reliable Assistant For Safe Loading…

“Ship Load Mate” ship loading software (SLM) is a project developed by DNA MARIN in Teknopark İstanbul, supported by TÜBİTAK 1512. SLM offers an innovative solution that aims to facilitate and optimize ship loading processes, increasing efficiency and safety in maritime operations.


Finally, SLM is a sophisticated Microsoft Windows based software meticulously engineered to analyze the intact stability and longitudinal strength of vessels with precision.

✔ Container Vessels

✔ General Cargo Vessels

✔ Bulk Carriers

✔ Supply Vessels

✔ Floating Docks


✔ 2D Graphics Clear and readable graphics.

✔ Modern Interface Provides a contemporary and visually appealing user interface.

✔ Streamlined Interface Enables simpler, user-friendly and accesible.

✔ Less Buttons Prevents complex usage.

✔ Accuracy in High Trims Ensures precise results even in high trim conditions

✔ Instant/Real Time Results Delivers immediate results, improving efficiency and productivity.

✔ Warning Messages Enables enhanced safety.

✔ High Quality Output Produces top-notch results, ensuring excellence and reliability.

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